Candis Solutions

A Full-Service Interior Design Company

What do we do?

Candis Solutions is a Full-Service Interior Design Company made up of a group of specialized brands offering numerous products and services supporting the interior design and design-build trades. Candis Solutions
was organized to meet the needs of the design industry in an ever-changing global market. By diversifying our products and services and providing our clients with a customer experience designed to span the lifetime of the project, Candis Solutions is redefining how the design industry conducts business.

One Company, One Source, One Solution
The Power of One!

Redefining The Design Process

The nature of the Interior Design industry is changing, and Candis Solutions is a leader in transforming the way the design and construction professionals operate their business. The design process is our expertise, and our business model empowers our clients to maximize productivity, reduce costs and focus on what you do best, DESIGN.
Candis Solutions is an innovative solution that can enhance your business from start to finish. It is our passion for interior design and the paramount customer service we offer our clients that sets us apart from the competition. We listen to our clients and offer superior value at competitive prices. We deliver outstanding quality, design innovative products, and more importantly, provide highly personalized solutions to ensure our customers are successful.

What are our services?

Interior Design

Candis Solutions is a dynamic and responsive design team with the vision to provide innovative design solutions for a wide range of architectural interior design and space planning challenges. With many years of combined experience focusing on commercial and residential environments, we have made it a goal to build and restore spaces in a collaborative effort with the client that stimulates the user and compliments the vision.


Candis Solutions  provides General Contractors and Construction Companies, Property Management Companies and Architects with a comprehensive solution of Division 10 products and services. We are consistently able to deliver our project on-time and on-budget.

Interiors / Outdoor / Kitchen & Bath

Our Interior Designers understand that a truly successful design blends a collection of high-quality pieces from various periods and styles, while also using tasteful restraint.
By listening to each client’s needs and desires, we earn their trust to establish the foundation and principles for successful design. This designer’s staff is as dedicated as we are to the firm’s valued clientele, and they maintain a high level of organization and consistent contact with suppliers.


Candis Solutions will give you the upper hand in the competitive design business environment. Our specialized and tailored services include branding, web development, email/social media marketing, print design, presentations, and renderings. What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is that we specialize in targeting the design/build industry.


Candis Solutions provides a dedicated solution that ensures that buyers receive goods and services at the best price when aspects such as quality, quantity, time, and location are factored in. Our procurement division integrates finding, contracting, acquiring, managing, cost reporting, scheduling, and project management, all in one, for the fullest service to clients in all buying conditions.

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