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Home model merchandising is a large part of our interior design business at Candis. Homebuilders understand that great design translates into increased sales, and they employ us to help create the design experience that passionate design consumers are looking for in their next home.
With many years of collective design experience, we provide unsurpassed quality in creative design merchandising, translating into proven increases in sales.
Collaborating with builders from the beginning, we provide detailed construction documents specifying everything from paint and trim details to built-ins and selections before the slab is even poured. Candis provides the whole design experience because we know that the quality is in the details. We merchandise model homes with carefully space-planned furniture, lamps, and accessories, topped with custom bedding and drapery with carefully selected fabrics, to give each model home its own uniquely realistic feel.
Great design is built on knowledge, and it is with our many years of industry success that we can consistently deliver results on schedule and within budget.


Building a new home or business is more than the placement of walls. Candis merges architecture and interior design to create an immersive experience that feels like no other.
With a comprehensive architectural review, we consult with our clients to create meaningful designs for investment properties and remodeling projects. We examine the plan and offer guidance on adding or accentuating the special areas that make each room great. Whether its suggesting wooden beams for a great room, a wall of tile in the master bath or adding a stone hearth to a den, we realize that great design is in the details.


Space planning is an important design element of any project. Proper placement and scale are crucial factors in creating spaces that feel cohesive, comfortable, and relevant. Allowing us to review plans before construction begins can create opportunities to optimize the use and feel of your interior and exterior spaces. A shift of a few inches in a door or window can create new possibilities or prevent design flaws that disrupt the flow or best use of your space. Lighting types and placements can completely transform the feel of a space and the location of switches and electrical outlets affect the way we use them. We take all of this into consideration and can help select the perfect accents for your project’s design. Our goal is to create transformational spaces for our clients with thoughtful consideration of all the elements involved. We can also help transform the look and feel of existing spaces and offer guidance on integrating existing items with new.


At Candis Solutions we feel that since every home is different, every experience should be different. We customize our projects and services to help our clients achieve the homes and living experiences they desire through impeccable interior design.
We can help you with selections and plan modifications at any stage of your home design. We can also help with your furniture placement in relation to existing spaces and lighting elements. We can work with existing furniture and offer additions or changes that create a new and cohesive look. Whether your home project is large or small, new construction or renovation, we can help with any stage of your design project and work within your budget.


A great design is based on making design decisions that reflect the big picture. At Candis Solutions, we know that quality is in the details, and we understand that interior and exterior details and selections are a layering process. We also know that it can be overwhelming to decide between design elements with the numerous combinations of options available. We are happy to help with selections and placement for projects and budgets of any size.


Do you have a home that you would like to update? We can help!
We consistently receive requests to help an existing property get an updated look and feel. People often keep pieces that have sentimental value or are too costly to replace. At Candis, we completely understand. We can work with your existing items. Sometimes all it needs is a fresh eye for design and a few simple changes to completely transform a space. Our skilled project managers can also help take your investment property or remodeling project to the next level.

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