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Division of Candis Solutions

Our Company has a dynamic team with the vision to provide innovative solutions for various architectural interior design and space planning challenges. With over ten years of combined experience focusing on commercial and residential environments, we have made it a goal to build and restore spaces in collaboration with the client that stimulates the user and compliments the vision.

The Candis Solutions Advantages

What sets Candis Solutions apart from its competition is its affiliation with Candis Solutions’s services. ADG is a full-service interior-design and design-build support company made up of multiple specialized brands offering numerous products and services supporting the interior design and design/build trades. When you work with our Candis Solutions Team your project will receive the support from the Candis Solutions specialist and designers that specializes in:

Experience the “Power of One”

Candis Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with a turnkey development process from start to finish. From Conceptual and Schematic Design to Design Development to Construction Documents to Specifications and Material Selections to Branding and Marketing to FF&E and Procurement to Installation to establishing Web and Social Marketing support platforms, we assist our clients with all aspects of their properties. Candis Solutions provides developers and investors with a true “turnkey” approach to the design/build process. Candis Solutions’s “Power of One” saves our clients money by eliminating multiple trades and truly positions Candis Solutions to make sure that the overall process precisely aligns with the ROI goals of Client.
Candis Solutions delivers outstanding quality, design innovation products and solutions, and more importantly, provides highly personalized solutions to ensure our customers are successful.

Design Specialties

The nature of the Interior Design industry is changing, and Candis Solutions is a leader in transforming the way the development professionals operate their business. The design process is our expertise and our business model empower our clients to maximize productivity, reduce costs and focus on what they do best.

  • Multi-Family Design
  • Hotels
  • Mixed Use
  • Commercial Design
  • Senior Living
  • Student Housing
  • Renovations


Multi-Family design begins with a deep understanding of community living. We are experts at working alongside a development team through the customary stages of construction, then delivering an interior project scope on time and within budget. Our goal is to create synergy between interiors and architecture that inspires and excites. Our team looks to balance artistry, style, and functionality in visualizing how a space will be used from finishes to furnishings. Our Multi-family team works with real estate developers, owners and investors on properties and model homes in both new construction and renovation.


When you work with our Candis Solutions Design Studio Team your project will receive the support from the Candis Solutions specialist and designers to support the overall development of each project at no additional costs.

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Landscape Design
  • Lighting & Controls
  • Art Consulting/Signage
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • FF&E/Procurement
  • Installation

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Our marketing group will give you the upper hand in branding and marketing. Our specialized and tailored services include branding, web development, email/social media marketing, print design, presentations, and renderings. What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is that we specialize in targeting the design/build industry specializing in multifamily, hotels and commercial accounts. In our vast experience as a partner support company, we have spent years living and learning this market while perfecting our approach for targeting and identifying the customers you want to reach. Our team is at the forefront of new technology and is constantly adapting to integrate cutting-edge products and platforms that allow us to leverage your business. Partner with us, and you will receive tailored branding and business marketing services that reflect and represent you creatively, effectively, and dynamically.

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